Confessionals of the heart both committed and endured.
— Rick Elias

Among the gluttony of noise that makes up Los Angeles’ nightlife comes a breath of fresh air: a big sound with illicit tact.  Born in the aftermath of sonic perfection, Run Colt Run is on a mission to reconcile itself somewhere between the polish of the recording studio and the honest brawl of their live shows. The result is truthful; the result is real.

Run Colt Run is a war of contradictions – of heartache and lust, expensive whiskey and cheap beer, of wide open grit and sophistication. It’s the sound of chunky Les Paul guitars emanating from a closed garage door in Eagle Rock; though muffled, the deluge of resonance entices one to keep listening. The melodic hook lines lend themselves flawlessly to the abrupt and almost unexpected dips in decibels, all the while maintaining a sense of fluidity that makes you believe that everything is where it ‘ought to be.


They know that Rock ‘N Roll – with its loud drums, the clanking of mugs in the background, the swear words off the microphone, and the hum of a single coil – is both the disease that rips you apart and the faith that sets you free. With Run Colt Run, even the softest word never falls on deaf ears; you are always listening.

The songs are confessionals, really – of the heart and of the soul; it’s the things people want to say but never can; it’s the glow of tail lights as the girl’s driving away; it’s the unexpected knock on the door and the smile that follows. Whether it’s blasting out of your car windows or speaking to you on your headphones, Run Colt Run is something for everyone. 



The Band


Bobby - Mug

Bobby Oliver

Lead Vocals | Guitar

Kap - Mug

Erik Kapernick



Jose Garcia


Vitor - Mug

Vitor Melo

Lead Guitar


Aaron Powell

Bass | Background Vocals